Christian Mckinney

Managing Disruptive Change More Successfully


A truly disruptive change will make people feel that something is fundamentally different about their lives. Individuals and organizations will not experience these changes in the same way, but it's often still recognizable when a genuinely disruptive change has taken place for them.  There Are Different Types of Disruptive Change That Can Happen at Very Different Levels Moving to a new place is a disruptive change that can affect a whole family.

21 August 2019

Going Through Addiction With Your Spouse? What Are Your Treatment Options?


Although many alcoholics and drug addicts go through this addiction alone, many others use along with their spouses or significant others — enabling and supporting each other in this addiction until rock bottom is reached for both. If you and your partner have made the difficult decision to seek inpatient recovery to help you manage a drug addiction, you may be wondering if you'll be required to split up during this process or if you can attend the same treatment center.

6 March 2017